You’re home with your new baby.
It’s an exciting, wonderful, amazing time!

It does have its challenges, though. You might be feeling confused about feeding, sleeping, baby care, and looking after yourself. Maybe your milk has just come in and you feel full and sore and overwhelmed. Your time in hospital flew by, and while it’s great to be home, you miss having a call bell to have a midwife help you out, answer your questions, and give you the support you need as you find your feet as a family.

Help is at hand from a supportive, in-home service where an experienced Registered Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant helps you build the skills you need to care for your baby.

Dial-A-Midwife is your call bell at home

No rush, no hurry, no interruptions.

Just focussed attention on you and your baby, in the familiar comfort of your home. Whether you need support in breastfeeding, babycare, birth recovery, or just to ask, “Is this normal?”, Dial-A-Midwife is there to assist your growing family as you settle in at home.

Dial-A-Midwife also offers practical advice on nutrition and wellbeing in the months following baby’s arrival, and lactation support in making the transition back to the paid workforce while breastfeeding.

Serving the new families of Hobart and southern Tasmania, Dial-a-Midwife delivers expert pregnancy education and postnatal care to your door as you make the transition to home.